Our Story

It All Started From Here

When Ryan’s family sat down to watch a Youtube video of children unwrapping toys, the family all saw the childrens’ joy, but Ryan couldn’t take his mind off of all that excess plastic wrapping. He quickly saw a greater problem, and wanted to find a way to solve it.


Ryan and his family love watching Youtube videos, and his children get excited seeing anything involving toys. 

So when the four of them (it’s 5 today) sat down to watch videos of children opening toys, Ryan was alarmed by what he saw. Everything was wrapped individually in plastic, with some pieces then grouped together in a second or even third layer of additional plastic packaging. Once the toy is assembled, that plastic just becomes waste!

Ryan wasn’t an ‘environmentalist,’ in his view, but he realized that there was a serious problem. He thought about what sustainable packaging could look like, and how it might change how we handle our household items. Then he rolled up his sleeves and went to work.

This Stuff Works

Ryan phoned his friend, Brad, who is a serial entrepreneur. Brad mentioned that a relative of his had received a patent on a laundry detergent that was supposed to be eco friendly while still being effective. 

Brad couldn’t understand how something so powerful could fit into such a small package, but he, Ryan, and Ryan’s buddy Kevin all agreed to try the product for themselves.

After their first wash they realized that not only was the packaging environmentally friendly, but the product actually worked! Now they needed to see if others wanted to get on board with them…


Kevin set up a small webpage, Ryan wrote about his experience with the product on that page, and we took the leap and put it out to market.  

We determined that 150 subscription orders in the first 30 days would be enough to take this seriously and invest our resources into growing a company.

At the end of 30 days, we had 1,500 new subscribers.

We realized that people wanted to support the environment, but they wanted to make sure that a product worked, and they didn’t know how to bridge that gap. With us, they saw a workable solution.  

With that, Tru Earth was born. Within 12 months we served 60,000 people in 40 countries around the world... and helped the planet along the way!

Meet The Co-Founders

Introducing the visionary co-founders behind the innovative, Canadian company, Tru Earth. 

Together, they are committed to promoting a cleaner and effective way of caring for our homes while minimizing the impact on the environment.


My family and I are proud to call Port Moody, British Columbia home. I co-founded Tru Earth because I wanted to be part of providing an environmentally friendly solution that really worked. As a longtime entrepreneur, I’ve had the privilege to create and run several organizations, but Tru Earth is the first that inspires me to wake up every morning, excited to make a difference and help save the planet. I’m grateful for our team of hardworking, committed employees who drive our continued success. I love spending time with my family in the Greater Vancouver mountains and working alongside others to eradicate plastic pollution as part of our American Shoreline Clean-up Program with Ocean Wise.


I live in British Columbia with my beautiful wife and our three kids. My love for our kids and my worrying about their future is what’s made me more environmentally conscious. Before I co-founded Tru Earth, I had a subscription box company. I run an adventure club with Brad and Kevin that helps families around North America get off their screens and spend more time together outdoors. I believe the small decisions we make today can make a big difference for the future generations.

Kevin Hinton

My amazing wife and I make our home in beautiful British Columbia. We love to take our two boys up to our off-the-grid family cabin throughout the summer and appreciate nature at its finest.  The need to keep our planet blue, green and full of life for future generations is never more apparent than when we are there.

I’m that guy who loves all things tech and would love to help colonize Mars. In my spare time, I’m working on a machine that can pull CO2 out of the air and convert it into something usable. I am obsessed with innovation that will improve our quality of life on this beautiful planet. Ryan is one of my best childhood friends, so joining him on this Tru Earth journey was a no brainer.