Where are Tru Earth Eco-Strips manufactured?

We want you to feel confident with the laundry detergent you choose for your family.

How can we do this?

By manufacturing Tru Earth Eco-Strips in Canada, where they are subject to stringent health regulations.

Every Tru Earth Eco-Strip is manufactured in a state of the art laboratory right here in Canada.

Rest easy knowing we don't cut corners. Your safety is important to us.

Does Tru Earth Sell Other Products?

Right now we have 3 fragrances of Eco-Strips available in your region and we plan to expand our product offering in the near future.

If I don't like the product how do I return it.

We offer a money back guarantee if you don't like the product within 30 days(return shipping cost not included).  Contact customer service, ship the product back to us, and we'll refund your money.

I can't complete the checkout process. What's going on?

We have found that some browser privacy plugins block some JavaScript from running, escpecially JavaScript from 3rd parties.  We connect to our payment processor this way to keep your payment infomation secure, so if you have one of these plugins running it may block that communication and prevent your order from being able to be processed.

Is there a time commitment to the subscription? How hard is it to cancel?

There is no time commitment.  Having a subscription allows us to bring the product to you at a better price.  If you decide you no longer want to receiveTru Eartheco-strips, simply visit https://www.tru.earth/mySubscriptions and you can change or cancel your existing subscriptions.  If you have never logged in before, you will need to use the "Forgot your password?" option to setup your account.

I'm a customer but I haven't logged in before. What is my login and password?

When you make your first purchase you will automatically have an account setup for you with your username being the email address you used to make the purchase.

To setup a password, please use the"Forgot your password?" link here.

Delivery & Shipping

Is it possible to get less frequent deliveries?

Right now we have 3 fragrances of Eco-Strips available in your region and we plan to expand our product offering in the near future.

I need more than 32 loads per month. Can I get a larger shipment?

If you need more than 32 per month, please email us at europe@tru.earth and we can set you up with a custom delivery option.

How much is shipping and handling?

Shipping charges are calculated at checkout and there are no handling fees. Under certain conditions, Tru Earth may offer you free shipping*. We keep our shipping costs low by using Canada Post and USPS for most deliveries. On occasion, we may use other carrier services to expedite parcels

How long will it take to receive my shipment?

Packages are processed and shipped the following business day barring any unforeseen circumstances.

When postal systems are running smoothly, packages typically take up to two weeks to arrive.

Please note that due to weather-related events, holiday and shipping bottlenecks, shipments can sometimes take additional time to arrive.

Will there be taxes on my order?

Yes, taxes will be applied to your order in Countries and regions where we are required to collect taxes.

What about customs and importing fees? 

In most cases, small orders aren't subject to importing fees, but this varies from country to country.  In the event you are charged importing fees when you receive the package, you will be responsible for the fee.

How To Use

How do I use Tru Earth Eco-Strips?

Watch this quick demonstration video to learn exactly how to use our laundry strips.

Where do I place the Tru Earth strip in my front-load High Efficiency (HE) washing machine?

For best results, here are the recommended instructions for adding Tru Earth to your washer:

1. Detach a strip

2. Top-load washer: place strip inside washer.

3. Front-load washer: place strip in detergent dispenser (tear strip into smaller pieces if necessary).

4. Add clothes and start washer.

We also recommend that you place the Tru Earth strip in the detergent dispensing compartment of front-load machines. If the compartment is small or shallow, tear the strip into smaller pieces so they fit neatly in the dispensing compartment. If your washer has separate detergent compartments for pre-wash and main wash cycles, we recommend that you place part of the Tru Earth strip in each compartment. Simply follow the instructions from your washing machine manufacturer and use Tru Earth as you would any liquid or powder detergent.

For all washers, Tru Earth can also be placed directly in the washer, on the bottom of the drum before adding clothes.

Some newer HE machines use very little water and it is possible, in rare instances, that the Tru Earth strip can get wrapped up in clothes before it gets wet enough to dissolve completely. Consumers report the same occasional issue with uni-dose liquid pack detergents. Tru Earth has the advantage that it can be placed in the dispensing compartment where the flow of water at the start of the filling cycle dissolves the strip.

How many strips of Tru Earth should I use?

1 Strip = 1 Load

In most situations, one strip of Tru Earth is recommended for one load of laundry. A standard single load is considered to be 3 to 5 kg of dry laundry that is lightly soiled and washed in moderately hard water. As with any detergent, you may want to increase the amount of detergent used if your water is very hard, the load extra soiled, or your load size is extra large. Simply add a second or third strip depending on your situation. Unlike other uni-dose detergent packs, you have the flexibility to tear a strip of Tru Earth in half for very small loads or hand-washing.

About the Product

Why doesn’t Tru Earth produce many suds?

In modern laundry detergents, the amount of suds produced does not relate to cleaning power. High Efficiency (HE) washing machine manufacturers recommend the use of low-sudsing detergent formulations that are specifically designated as HE-compatible.Tru Earthuses a special, patent-pending low-sudsing formulation that is HE-compatible and effective for all other types of washing machines. Other detergents that produce lots of suds typically include suds-producing agents that do not enhance cleaning power – they are added mainly for appearance purposes.

Is Tru Earth good to use on natural wool?

With special care,Tru Earthcan be safely used for hand-washing some wool fabrics but we always recommend that consumers follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations of each clothing manufacturer. Wool fabric manufacturers usually recommend dry-cleaning or hand-washing wool with specific cleaners.Tru Earthmay be used for hand-washing if care is taken to fully dissolve the strip in water prior to adding the wool clothes.

Is Tru Earth good to use on natural silk?

We do not recommend washing silk fabrics withTru Earth. We recommend that consumers follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations of each clothing manufacturer. Most silk fabric manufacturers usually recommend dry-cleaning or hand-washing silk with specific cleaners. 

Is Tru Earth good to use on cloth diapers?

Tru Earth can be used to wash cotton cloth diapers, but we always recommend that consumers follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations of each clothing manufacturer.

Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips will not affect the absorbency of the cloth and is hypoallergenic. However, many modern cloth diapers also contain some combination of synthetic materials and glues in their support structure. Depending on the materials used, Tru Earth Laundry Detergent Eco-Strips (and possibly other detergents) may affect the strength and durability of that support structure.

Is Tru Earth good to use on technical sports clothes that contain special synthetic moisture-wicking fabric?

Tru Earth can be used on most synthetic fabrics but we always recommend that consumers follow the specific washing and detergent recommendations of each clothing manufacturer.

Some fabric softeners and liquid detergents contain cationic surfactants or solvents that can impair the wicking properties of specific fabrics after multiple washes. Tru Earth can be used on most synthetic fabrics because it does not contain cationic surfactants or solvents.

What is the shelf life of Tru Earth?

We recommendTru Earthbe used within three years of purchase. That is a much longer than the six to twelve months shelf life recommended for most leading-brand liquid and powder detergents.

Is Tru Earth laundry detergent a vegan product?

Tru Earth laundry detergent is a vegan product: no animal-derived ingredients are used in it, and no testing on animals has been conducted by us or our ingredient suppliers.

Are Tru Earth Eco-Strips septic safe?

Tru Earth Eco-Strips are safe for septic and grey water.