Tips for Green Pet Care at Home

Tips for Green Pet Care at Home

The environment is a pressing issue for many of us, leading to a surge in sustainability and environmental responsibility initiatives worldwide. For pet owners, particularly those who care deeply about their animal companions, this also means finding ways to reduce their impact on the planet through eco-friendly pet care practices.

From feeding your pet responsibly sourced food to switching out their traditional litter for biodegradable options, there are plenty of small yet meaningful steps you can take towards achieving a greener lifestyle with your pet companion.

In this article, we’ll outline some essential tips for going green with pet care so you can give your beloved furry friend the best without compromising our planet’s future.

Green Pet Care at Home

Buy Pet Food That Contains Sustainable Ingredients

CAFOs, known as concentrated animal feeding operations, have had a significant negative impact on the environment, as they are a major source of pollution. They often employ practices such as using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and genetically engineered crops, which can have long-term effects on the surrounding ecosystem.

Animals raised in CAFOs are treated inhumanely and with little regard for their welfare. To avoid contributing to the destruction of our planet and its creatures, it is important to look for pet food brands that source their ingredients from sustainable, organic sources and avoid using any trace of antibiotics or hormones.

Not only is this better for the environment but also for your pet's health; natural ingredients will provide them with essential nutrients without any toxins from unnatural additives.

Clean Bedding With Safe Laundry Products

When it comes to pet care products, it is important to think not only of our own health and safety but also that of the environment. Thankfully, there are many natural pet care products on the market that use organic, sustainable ingredients.

Natural products often include essential oils, herbal extracts, and other natural components free from harsh chemicals that could be detrimental to both human and environmental health.

Additionally, eco-friendly packaging can help reduce waste as well as minimize the carbon footprint associated with transporting pet care products. For starters, using an eco-friendly and safe laundry detergent to wash dog beds and toys is a fantastic first step.

Tru Earths' fragrance-free laundry detergent strips

Tru Earth’s laundry detergent strips make cleaning your pet's bedding and toys a simple and environmentally conscious task. Each strip is packed with smart, hypoallergenic detergent that effectively targets dirt molecules and stains to keep them suspended until they are rinsed away.

This makes it easier to get rid of odors, bacteria, allergens, and other contaminants without using harsh chemicals or single-use plastics. Plus, the ultra-concentrated formula produces fewer suds which helps conserve water usage while still delivering an effective clean.

Tru Earth Products Are Sulfate-Free

So with Tru Earth’s laundry detergent strips, you can keep your pet's bedding and toys fresh and clean while also being kind to the planet - what could be better than that?

Use Biodegradable Poop Bags

Using biodegradable bags is the best way to ensure you're not contributing to plastic bag waste in landfills. They are specifically designed with materials that can break down quickly and naturally, meaning your dog's waste won't be sitting around in a landfill for years on end.

Not only are these bags better for the environment, but they are also easy to find and affordable. You can purchase them at most pet stores or online retailers. Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay for bags every time you need to pick up after your pup, consider investing in a metal scooper.

This will help you quickly pick up the waste and flush it in the toilet, eliminating the need for additional bags altogether. All in all, being mindful of what kind of products we use when cleaning up after our pets is an important part of protecting and keeping our environment clean.

Give Your Pet Homemade Toys

Keeping your pet entertained without buying new toys doesn't have to be a challenge. There are plenty of creative ways to reuse items around the home and make homemade dog toys. For example, an empty plastic water bottle can be wrapped in a thick sock to create a crinkling sound that will keep your puppy's attention.

A fun way to recycle an old cereal box is to fill it with tasty treats and let them figure out how to get them out. Another great option is to tie up an old towel into knots for your pup to chew on and unravel as they play.

Not only do these homemade dog toys provide entertainment but they can also help promote healthy teeth and gums through chewing.

Pet Homemade Toys

Compost Pet Waste

Composting pet waste is a great way to put it to good use and benefit your garden. An old garbage bin or a dedicated compost bin made specifically for pet waste are both good options when composting.

Compost bins created just for pet waste generally sit underground, which helps to break up the waste and eradicate any foul odor. However, you should not add pet waste to compost that will be used on edible plants; instead, create a new pile of compost just for non-edible plants that can benefit from the nutrients provided by decomposed pet waste.

Generally speaking, it takes around 18 months for pet waste to decompose and become ready to use in the garden fully, but once this happens, you can reap the rewards of added nutrition for trees, shrubs and flowers.

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