Need to Dry Your Bath Mats - Here’s How!

Need to Dry Your Bath Mats - Here’s How!

Your bath mats get a lot of wear and tear - but for a good reason. Each and every time you enter your bathroom, your rugs are gaining dirt, dust, or even water droplets that can turn into mold. No matter what is being tracked onto these mats, they need regular cleaning.

And, with regular cleaning comes the need to dry these important mats off quickly. So, we will walk you through the best approaches if you are asking yourself how to dry your bathroom mats in the most efficient way possible.

Need to Dry Your Bath Mats

Washing Your Bath Mats and Rugs

Some people believe it isn't necessary to wash the bath mats and rugs after every use because they think the moisture from their feet will dissipate over time. However, there's actually a good reason to frequently clean these items.

Bath mats and rugs trap dirt, bacteria, and water between their fibers. This buildup can be very harmful if not cleaned regularly. Not only is this unsanitary, but it also makes your home environment less welcoming and inviting.

Luckily, we will suggest a few tips when washing bath mats or rugs. Below, we will discuss the best way to wash your bath and shower mats!

Select the Best Washing Machine Setting

When you go to wash your bathroom items, it's recommended to add more than one mat into the washing machine at one time to ensure there are no laundry mistakes. This way, there won't be too much damage to your rugs. Additionally, the setting of your washing machine does matter.

That being said, washing your bath mats or rugs on the coldest water setting is a good choice with the proper detergent. It is important to not use heat when washing your plastic mats to guarantee they don't shrink or melt.

Select the Best Washing Machine Setting

Use Appropriate Cleaning Materials

Similar to washing other types of garments, the cleaning materials you use matter. This is why Tru-Earth's detergent strips are a great choice for cleaning your bath mats and shower rugs. Not only are our detergent stips perfect for washing clothes, towels, and other household items, they work with any type of load.

Because you need to place your washing machine on the coldest water setting, many won't add detergent for fear of it not working properly. Luckily, our eco-friendly laundry detergent strips work under any conditions. And they're not only beneficial for your bath mats or rugs but also for the environment.

Having the proper cleaning materials for your laundry is imperative, which is why Tru-Earth's laundry detergent strips are the best choice. These strips seek out and dislodge any dirt molecules, stains, or bacteria found on your bath mats and effectively get rid of them in the safest way possible.

How To Dry Bath Mats and Bath Rugs

There are two common ways that your bath mats can be dried; letting them hang outside or sticking them in the dryer for a short amount of time. The option you choose will depend on various factors, which we will explain more in the sections below.

Hang Drying Your Rug

Some homeowners will choose the first option of drying their rug outside by hang-drying it. Of course, this is a great option to ensure a safe dry, but sometimes the weather may not permit it, or discoloration from the sun may occur. It's best to dry your bath mats outside if this is your only option.

Hang Drying Your Rug

Drying Your Freshly Cleaned Bath Mats

A common question that gets asked is if you can place your bath mats in the dryer. Luckily, we are here to tell you it's totally possible to do so! And, with no repercussions, as long as you follow our simple tips.

If you wish to quickly get your bath mats dried, throwing them in the dryer for a few minutes is a great option. Generally, it's recommended that you set your dryer to low heat and leave them inside for 10 to 20 minutes.

Some dryers will have a tumble-dry-low setting, which would be our recommendation for the best option to choose when it comes to drying.

The Benefits

Air drying is a great way to dry out your bath mats; however, by sticking them in the dryer brings many benefits, that include the following:

  • No potential dampness
  • A quicker drying time
  • Longer-lasting bath mats
  • No discoloration due to the sun
  • Water buildup is stopped, which can lead to mold or mildew
  • No chance of unpleasant smells from the outdoorsThe Benefits

How To Extend the Life of Your Bath Mat?

Do you ever feel like your bath mat is wearing out prematurely? Maybe it's time to replace it and get that fresher, new-mat feeling. Here are some tips on how to maintain the life of your bath mat:

  • Washing and drying your shower rug every time you use it helps optimize cleanliness.
  • If possible, store your bath mat in a dry place like a closet or cabinet
  • Ensuring your laundry machine is clean inside before washing
  • Avoid putting abrasive and damaging materials on your mat when washing it

How To Extend the Life of Your Bath Mat?

How Often Should You Replace Your Bath Mat?

Most homeowners will agree that bath and shower mats should be replaced every two years or so. This is true, especially if you frequently and regularly wash these items. Normal wear and tear will occur with the use and upkeep of these items, which means that it may be nice to get a fresh mat for your home after two years.

Get Cleaning!

Bath mats do not have the best reputation, often being the first target of dirty footprints or constantly getting into fights for cleaning time with other sticky and dirty bath accessories. All this, however, does not mean that cleaning your bath mat should be overlooked.

If you want to keep your bath mat in great condition, using our products and following the advice above will be the key. With our various scents to choose from, there is a helpful and safe product for everyone to enjoy. Keeping your shower mats and rugs looking their best is easy, so why not start today?

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