How We Calculate Our Impact Metrics with TRU Rewards

How We Calculate Our Impact Metrics with TRU Rewards

Saving the planet is a team sport. And at Tru Earth, we believe many small changes can add up to a big impact for the planet. We won’t stop encouraging businesses, corporations, and legislators to continue to tackle plastic pollution head-on, but we do want to celebrate our millions of #TruChangeMakers who are reducing single-use plastic waste by using our laundry eco-strips®, which come in plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging.


Making sustainable choices shouldn’t be a burden on consumers. Although we’ve designed a line of products that make saying goodbye to single-use plastic containers as easy as possible, we want to say thank you to those who have chosen Tru Earth. Whether you’ve made one or two purchases, or have been a repeat customer since we were founded in 2019, here’s how YOU can get rewarded.


Introducing Tru Rewards

When you make seemingly small eco-swaps, it can feel like you’re not making a big impact. That’s why we want to provide our customers with a tangible way to track and celebrate their sustainable choices–like purchasing Tru Earth products to cut down on single-use plastic packaging, engaging in earth-friendly laundry practices, or fighting plastic pollution in their communities. Customers can earn “Earth Points” through their actions, including loads of laundry donated and plastic containers saved, through switching to Tru Earth products. Through this platform, our customers can observe their purchasing power firsthand and its impact in our homes, communities, and around the globe.


Our impact-based rewards program is directly calculated from customer actions.

  • For every standard, 32-load size pack of laundry eco-strips purchased, customers save one plastic container from ending up in landfills & oceans
  • For every $25 a customer spends on Tru Earth Products, the equivalent of a month's supply of laundry detergent will be donated to communities in need around the world.
  • A packet of our multi-surface cleaner eco-strips will make 8 bottles of cleaner–saving the equivalent of 8 plastic spray bottles for each customer purchase.
  • Each use of our wool dryer balls replaces one load of liquid fabric softener. Given that standard bottles contain 32 loads of softener, our wool dryer balls are expected to replace 31 plastic containers of liquid fabric softener over their 1000 use–or 3 year–lifespan.


Switching to Tru Earth eco-strips® isn’t the only thing you can do. In fact, we want our Tru Change Makers to make changes in all kinds of ways. In addition to purchasing Tru Earth products, there are many other ways to earn Earth Points–and fight climate change in the process.

Evergreen Actions:

  • Wash your clothes on cold (Image action)
  • Air Dry your clothes (Image action)
  • Sign a petition - e.g., ban plastics bill (link tracking action)
  • Recycle your packaging (Image action)
  • Attend a beach cleanup (photo and geo, as you host them)

Custom Rewards:

  • Donation to a plastic cleanup organization
  • Limited Edition Tru Earth Merch or Invite-Only Events
  • National Park Pass
  • Partner Reward (e.g. discount to Manna Water Bottles or Clean Circle skincare)
  • Redeem for overstocked products


We want to reward our Tru Changemakers for their invaluable contributions to our critical cause. Visit to see the direct social and environmental impact you’re creating as a part of this community.

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