How To Shrink a Cotton Sweater

How To Shrink a Cotton Sweater

When you have a reliable method for shrinking a sweatshirt, any size can be chosen in stores! Our guide shows you the top ways to shrink a sweater and keep your clothes looking and fitting the same way they did when you brought them home.

How To Shrink a Cotton Sweater

Shrink a Sweater Without Ruining It

Creating a perfectly fitted sweater isn't always a straightforward process, as the type of fabric you're working with will determine your approach. Cotton is widely used for sweaters; if handled correctly, it can stay loose and comfortable.

This requires specific treatment depending on the desired shape or size of the sweater, as different techniques need to be employed to stretch or shrink it. For example, stretching can be done by tugging gently at the edges, or by blocking if needed.

Wash Your New Sweater With the Proper Detergent

Shrinking cotton is an achievable task with the help of your washing machine and dryer. Using heat in the wash and dry cycle allows new and possibly unwashed cotton to be shrunken down to a desired size.

When washing new cotton sweaters, it is important to turn them inside-out and use a hot water cycle. Use bleach-free detergent to preserve the colors of the garments. The perfect detergent for this job is from none other than Tru Earth.

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However, it is important to be aware that repeated washings in hot water may lead to too much shrinkage. To avoid this from happening, being cautious when controlling the temperature settings of your washer and ensuring that your sweaters are properly dried should ensure successful results.

As temperatures can vary significantly across different machines, it is advised to check the laundry symbols and instructions on the care labels for what temperature settings are optimal for each individual clothing item before beginning the shrinking process.

Dry Your New Sweater

Once your sweater is washed and wrung out, put it in the dryer on a hot cycle. However, it’s suggested taking it out regularly to check that it's not shrinking too much. Once your sweater has reached the desired size, take them out of the dryer and let them air dry until completely dry.

This will ensure that your sweaters remain bright, vibrant, and their correct size when finished. Furthermore, washing new cotton sweaters in this manner will help extend their life and keep them looking new for longer periods.

Additionally, if you want extra softness, you can add fabric softener or bounce sheets to the washing machine before starting the cycle. Be sure to follow all care instructions on garment labels for optimal results when laundering your items.

Dry Your New Sweater

Boil Cotton Sweaters

Another way to shrink a cotton sweater that you own, which has expanded in size, is by the boiling method. This boiling-water treatment is a great way to easily restore garments, such as cotton and other fabrics, back to their original flexibility and shape.

It works by using heat to shrink the fibers in much the same manner as when you use a washing machine. This method can also be used to help remove stubborn stains from clothes. This boiling-water treatment is an effective and simple way to take care of delicate fabrics that require more attention than most.

In order to shrink a sweater this way, you need to fill a large metal pot with cold water and place it on the stovetop. When the water comes to a boil, you can then add the sweater and let it soak for a few minutes. It is very important to use protective gear when removing the sweater from the pot using tongs, as hot steam and water may cause injury.

You should then place the sweater in the dryer and set it to high heat; this will help shrink it down to a size that fits better. Repeat this process until your desired fit has been achieved. Not only does this method allow you to customize your items, but it also helps reduce waste by allowing you to reuse clothes that no longer fit properly.

Hit Wet Cotton With an Iron

The last way we will give you to help shrink a cotton sweater is by ironing it while it's still wet. First, you need to wear gloves, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. Drop the sweater in boiling water for a few minutes, and then remove it using tongs. Wring the piece of clothing carefully over the sink to remove excess water.

Hit Wet Cotton With an Iron

Next, you must take your iron with the steam setting turned off, and place it flat on an ironing board. It should be placed between two clean towels or pillowcases to prevent it from directly contacting the iron. All you need to do from here is iron the sweater until it’s dry.

Enjoy Your “New” Fitted Cotton Sweater!

With a little time and the right detergent, you can bring your cotton sweater back to its original size. We hope that after reading this guide, you are feeling better about your favorite sweater that has lost its shape or is too large. By following one of these methods, your shrunken sweater will be as good as new - maybe even better!

So don't despair if your favorite sweater has seen better days. With a little know-how and our tips, you can enjoy it for many more years to come!

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