How To Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Cleaning Routine

How To Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Cleaning Routine

One of the most pressing environmental issues facing humanity today is plastic waste. Unfortunately, many of us contribute to this problem through our daily cleaning routines. Fortunately, there are simple steps we can take to reduce our plastic waste when cleaning.

Consider making a pledge to yourself (and others!) to always practice sustainability when it comes to cleaning products and supplies in order to keep our planet safe from further plastic pollution damage.

Below, we will go into more detail about the benefits of reducing plastic waste in your home cleaning routines and other aspects of your life.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Why Should We Reduce Plastic Waste?

One way to reduce plastic at home is to make small changes in your everyday routines. This can mean buying fresh produce in bulk, bringing your own reusable bags to the store, and opting for paper or cloth over plastic when possible.

You can also look into investing in refillable containers for household items like dishwashing liquid and shampoo. By making these small tweaks to your lifestyle, you're helping to create a cleaner, greener world while also eliminating single-use plastics from your home.

With a bit of research and commitment, it's possible to drastically reduce the amount of single-use plastic in your home without sacrificing convenience or comfort.

Simple Ways To Reduce Plastic Use at Home

We can make a huge difference in reducing our plastic waste with just a few small changes at home! Below, we will go over the best tips for reducing plastic waste in your home, and our environment.

Keep Household Cleaners in Glass Bottles

When it comes to keeping a clean and organized home, ditching single-use plastic spray bottles is the way to go. Not only will you save money by reusing a glass bottle or reusable cleaning bottle, you’ll also reduce plastic waste and packaging.

And if you carefully label the bottle, identifying what it contains will be easier than ever. The key is to find a glass bottle that is sturdy and easy to fill and can also be labeled clearly. This will help keep your cleaning routine streamlined and save time in the long run.

Plus, glass bottles are much more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones, making them an ideal choice for any modern home.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Buy Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are a great way to reduce the amount of plastic waste being produced every minute. Investing in a durable and personalized water bottle for each family member can help contribute to a cleaner environment. It will help reduce plastic pollution and save you money in the long run since you won't need to keep buying single-use plastic bottles.

Hydration is essential for maintaining energy levels and cognitive performance throughout the day, so a reusable water bottle is an easy way to ensure proper hydration wherever you go.

Reusable water bottles come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, making them perfect for any lifestyle or activity; some even come with convenient features like insulated walls or built-in filters that make it easier than ever to stay refreshed on the go.

With so many unique benefits, reusable water bottles are a must-have for environmental preservation and personal health.

Choosing Tru Earth Cleaning Products and Laundry Detergent

When it comes to cleaning products and laundry detergents, it is important to choose options that aren't harming the environment. Luckily, Tru Earth has you covered in both departments.

Our laundry strips are a revolutionary new way of cleaning clothing. Each strip contains an ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic detergent that penetrates deep into fabric fibers to break down and dislodge dirt molecules and stains in just one wash.

Tru Earths Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent strips

Plus, they come pre-measured - so no more measuring or mess for you! Just toss the laundry strip into the washer and let the powerful detergent go to work. Its eco-friendly design also reduces single-use plastics, making it kinder to our planet too.

So, if you're looking for an easy, convenient laundry solution with all the cleaning power you'd expect from traditional detergents, look no further than laundry strips - your clothes and planet will thank you!

Tru Earth also offers a safe multi-surface cleaning solution that can be used everywhere in the home. Our multi-purpose cleaner is the perfect cleaning solution for those looking to reduce their plastic waste.

Tru Earths Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent strips

It comes in a biodegradable cardboard sleeve and is highly effective at killing 99% of bacteria, fungi and mold, and viruses. This makes it an ideal choice to use around the home or office. The cleaning solution is easy to use: simply take one strip from the cardboard sleeve and add it with 250ml of hot water in a spray bottle.

Give the bottle a good shake until the strip has dissolved, and you will be ready to start cleaning your hard surfaces in no time. Because this product is concentrated into strips rather than single-use bottles, users are able to refill their spray bottles multiple times before needing to purchase more strips – saving both money and resources.

Bring Your Own Reusable Bag During Grocery Runs

Reusable bags are a great way to reduce waste and help the environment. With so many styles available, you can find a bag that fits your needs, whether it's a cloth tote for groceries or a flexible string bag for books.

Not only are these bags more environmentally friendly, but they can also be more durable than the store-bought plastic options. Plus, there's the added bonus of supporting your favorite independent bookstore or local yoga studio with each shopping trip.

Ensuring you always have a reusable tote is key to making this habit easier. You can store them in your bag, car, desk, or anywhere else you may need it for quick access when shopping. As more stores move away from disposable plastic bags, having a reusable option is important in keeping yourself and the environment safe.

Choose Different Diaper Options

Going the cloth diaper route can be a great alternative to disposable diapers and wipes, but it does come with a few complications. For starters, parents need to make sure they’re stocking up on enough diapers for their baby’s needs since cloth diapers require frequent changing and washing.

For example, many big cities now offer services that provide eco-friendly cloth diapers and pick up used ones for laundering. Plus, there are companies that produce energy-efficient washers specifically designed for washing cloth diapers.

Additionally, some of these companies have created biodegradable diaper wipes as well, making the entire process more eco-friendly. Properly managing your cloth diapering needs can greatly reduce your baby’s contribution to landfills each year and help save the planet in the long run.

Use Dryer Balls Instead of Dryer Sheets

Wool dryer balls offer a great alternative to traditional dryer sheets and can make laundry time more eco-friendly. Not only are they made from natural, biodegradable, and renewable wool, but they also help reduce the energy used while drying clothes.

Tru Earth Dryer Balls

The wool absorbs moisture from the clothing just like a dryer sheet would, but without exposing users to potentially harmful fragrances that can be released when heated. Additionally, using wool dryer balls helps reduce static cling, wrinkles and even shrinking caused by over-drying.

Plus, since each ball can be reused thousands of times before needing to be replaced, it offers an economical solution for reducing environmental impact and saving energy.

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