How To Get the 'Dog Smell' Out of Your House

How To Get the 'Dog Smell' Out of Your House

Living with a dog can be great, but it also comes with the hassle of managing your pet's odor. Dogs are naturally smelly creatures, and have odors that can often be caused by shedding fur, urine stains, and bacterial growth on skin and fur.

This article looks at eliminating the ‘dog’ smell in your home by addressing the causes and discussing various cleaning techniques owners can use.

How To Get the ‘Dog Smell’ Out of Your House

What Causes My Home To Smell Like A Dog?

Creating a fresh-smelling home with one or more dogs in the house can be quite challenging. Several factors contribute to a dog's smell, like breed, age, type of fur, drooling patterns, health, and medical conditions, and amount of outdoor activity.

Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to help reduce the "doggy" odor. Bathing schedules should take precedence over all other methods as it is the most effective way to tackle the odor problem; however, for those smelly moments between baths, there are other tactics to try.

These include using pet-specific sprays and deodorizers around the house; vacuuming and cleaning daily; making sure your pets stay dry after getting wet or playing outside; washing bedding regularly; and treating areas affected by pet accidents with special cleaners made for removing pet stains and odors.

How Do I Keep My House From Smelling Like a Dog?

Regular cleaning and keeping your pet well-groomed are the most reliable ways to prevent a house from smelling like a dog. Cleaning should include sweeping, vacuuming, and removing pet hair with special tools.

Using a water-based, solvent-free carpet cleaner can help with carpets, drapery, upholstered furniture, dog beds, and more. Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on the animal's overall health to reduce any odors that may be associated with chemicals or bacteria present if an illness is present.

Ensuring your house smells pleasant requires regular upkeep, but with simple tasks and the right cleaning supplies, you can maintain a homely atmosphere free of doggy odors. Luckily, we have compiled this helpful guide to give you step-by-step instructions that you can follow when it comes to washing away the “dog” smell.

Getting Rid of a Dog Smell Completely

As we have stated above, there are a few ways to remove the dog smell from your home. We will now go over specific things that can be done to leave your home smelling clean and fresh in no time.

Keep Your Dog Clean

A thorough cleaning regimen is essential for keeping your house from smelling like a dog. This should include giving your pet regular baths at least once a month, brushing their fur to reduce shedding, and trimming their nails.

Getting Rid of a Dog Smell Completely

Additionally, it's important to wash them off after outdoor play, particularly their paws if wet, to reduce the odor in your home.

Keep Your Floors Clean

A thorough cleaning of your home is the best way to remove pet odors and keep your space smelling fresh. Sweeping with a broom or dust mop is the first step for both wood, tile, and laminate floors.

Consider using a surface cleaner for surfaces and to get rid of pet hair. The perfect surface cleaner for the job is from Tru Earth, a revolutionary product that is unlike any other cleaning product on the market. It is an all-natural, plastic-free disinfecting cleaner that kills 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

The pleasant scent of fresh lemon peel will leave your home smelling irresistibly fresh and clean. Not only does it kill germs, but its light fragrance creates a therapeutic atmosphere as you walk into a room, knowing it has just been cleaned and sanitized.

Tru Earth Multi-Surface Cleaner

This powerful cleaning solution is environmentally friendly, since it doesn't contain harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances. So if you're looking for a reliable and safe way to keep your home clean and germ-free while also maintaining a pleasant scent, Tru Earth Multi-Surface Cleaner is a perfect choice to get rid of the dog smell throughout your home.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

Some dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture, but many sneak up when we aren’t looking. Others aren’t officially allowed but are invited on the couch for an occasional cuddle. Keeping furniture covered with blankets helps because it’s easier to clean blankets than the whole sofa, but if the furniture starts to smell like your dog, there is a solution.

On hand, you can have an easy, nontoxic solution. Keeping a spray bottle filled with four parts white vinegar and one part water will be a great fix to smelly furniture. Additionally, stain erasers or removers can be used to clean up accidents on carpets and furniture quickly.

They are particularly effective for getting rid of dirt, grease, and urine stains caused by dogs' fur. To get the best results, one should first apply vinegar or vodka to the stained area, then allow it to dry before applying the stain remover.

This combination of cleaning agents has proven to be incredibly efficient in removing even the toughest stains. Stain erasers and removers are a great tool for anyone looking to clean up pet-related messes quickly and easily.

Wash Your Dog’s Toys

It is essential to regularly wash your dog's plush toys in addition to their other items. Saliva and slobber from your pup can make the toys dirty, smelly, and unappealing. You should throw them in the washer weekly alongside pet beds to clean them.

If you haven't washed the toys recently, consider adding a cup of vinegar or an enzymatic deodorizing product to help remove any odors. And adding a safe yet effective laundry detergent to this type of load will be key.

Tru Earth’s eco-friendly laundry detergent strips are a great option. Our strips provide a powerful, eco-friendly laundry solution that is ultra-concentrated, pre-measured, and requires no measuring or mess. These strips are effective in all washing machines, no matter the temperature.

Tru Earth's eco-friendly laundry detergent strips

They are certified paraben-free, phosphate-free, vegan, and fully biodegradable by OECD 310D standards and have not been tested on animals. By using this detergent and washing your pet's toys and bedding, your home will lose the dog-smelling odor quickly.

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