Can Polyester Go in the Dryer

Can Polyester Go in the Dryer

Do you take the extra time to read the tags on your clothes before putting them in the dryer? Sure, it may seem unnecessary, but understanding what fabrics can go through dryer cycles is essential for keeping your wardrobe in top condition.

In this article, we will touch on polyester. Can it actually withstand high temperatures or will it end up shrunken and misshapen after a tumble in the dryer? Read on as we break down all you need to know about washing and drying polyester garments!

Can Polyester Go in the Dryer

Does Polyester Shrink in the Washer or Dryer?

Polyester is a unique fabric in that it rarely shrinks, even when washed and dried in hot temperatures. It differs from other fabrics due to its resistance to shrinking, as it can withstand higher washer and dryer settings than more delicate materials.

In rare cases, pure 100% polyester may experience slight shrinkage under extreme temperatures. However, this is much lower than the shrinkage experienced by other fabrics such as cotton or rayon. This characteristic of polyester makes it ideal for clothing items that require frequent washing, and it is often used for activewear or items of clothing that need to fit snugly.

How To Wash Polyester Safely

Even though this material can go in the dryer, it's important to be careful when washing and drying this item. Below, we will go over the steps needed to follow in order to ensure that your favorite polyester item doesn't shrink.

Read the Care Label

First things first, read the care label. A piece of clothing’s care label is simply the label that shows all laundry symbols and gives washing instructions. These symbols will tell you if your item can be machine washed in hot or cold water and the best way it should be dried.

Additionally, the care label will tell you if the fabric is blended with other materials that require special treatment. This is especially true for items like ties and socks, which are often made from blended fabrics.

Polyester and its blended counterparts offer many benefits, such as durability and wrinkle resistance, so taking extra care when washing them can ensure they look their best over time.

Pretreat the Polyester Clothing Item

Before laundering clothes, it is important to pre-treat any areas that may require additional care. This includes items with tough stains and those that need extra attention, such as the underarms, cuffs, and neckline.

Applying a stain treatment formula to these areas can help to remove the dirt and grime while restoring the original color of the garment. Pre-treating your clothing helps to minimize the damage done during regular washing and reduce wear and tear, ultimately prolonging the life of your garments.

How To Wash Polyester Safely

Additionally, using a quality detergent in combination with a pre-treatment method can give even better results, ensuring your clothes look their best for longer.

Set Your Washer to the Proper Cycle

When washing polyester, it is important to take extra care. And it all starts with choosing the proper detergent. If you're looking for the perfect detergent for the job, then you're in luck. Tru Earth offers environmentally friendly and effective laundry detergent in pre-measured strips.

This product is perfect for those with sensitive skin, as it is hypoallergenic and free of dyes, phosphates, parabens, chlorine bleach, and 1,4-dioxane. Additionally, these stips' biodegradability has been verified in accordance with OECD 310D standards. This means that the product is not only beneficial to our health but also to the environment—being both safe and sustainable!

Tru Earth's eco-friendly laundry detergent strips

With Tru Earths' laundry detergent strips in use, simply set the wash cycle to normal. Polyester is sensitive to high temperatures; make sure to select either warm or cold water for the wash cycle.

For an additional cleaning boost, consider adding in an all-purpose bleach alternative for white or bright colors. Additionally, always read and follow the care label instructions on each item as some may require special washing procedures; this will help ensure your clothes' quality and long life.

Carefully Dry Your Clothing

When drying polyester items, it is important to use a tumble dry setting and avoid using high heat. This will help ensure that the polyester's fibers remain intact.

Adjusting the temperature to medium or as specified on the item's care label can be beneficial in protecting the fabric from damage. When drying polyester items, it is recommended to separate them into small loads and check for any knots or tangles in order to reduce wrinkling and keep the fabric looking new.

Additionally, it may be helpful to periodically remove lint from the lint screen during the drying process. Finally, it is important to take note of any specific instructions listed on the item's care label for best results.

Things to Remember When Washing and Drying Your Polyester Clothing

When washing polyester clothing, there are several steps to keep them in good condition and make sure they last longer. Begin by pretreating any stains that may be present, and then check the garment labels for specific washing instructions.

Fasten any zippers, buttons, or hooks before turning the garments inside out for washing. And, it's important not to overload the washing machine. Overloading a washing machine will not only cause serious damage to your clothing but also won't fully clean it.

Things to Remember When Washing and Drying

Also, remember to use the right type and amount of detergent in each load. Putting too much detergent will only clean your clothing by using the proper amount. By adding too much detergent, your polyester clothing can become discolored or damaged further.

Following these steps can help ensure that your polyester clothing is properly washed and will remain in excellent condition for many years. Additionally, taking care when laundering can prevent pilling from occurring, which will help extend the life of your garments even further.

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