7 DIY Household Cleaning Hacks To Save You Money

7 DIY Household Cleaning Hacks To Save You Money

We can all agree that keeping a clean and tidy home is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But this comes with its costs, especially with the rising prices of cleaning products at the grocery store!

That's why we've compiled 7 DIY household cleaning hacks to help you save money while still keeping your house in order. With these tips, you'll be able to keep things spick and span while leaving behind harsh chemicals instead of leaving room in your wallet.

DIY Household Cleaning Hacks

What Are the Benefits of DIY?

Making your own cleaning products and using reusable items is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as it not only helps reduce the amount of chemicals being released into the environment but also saves money in the long run.

These homemade cleaners can be made with items that are likely already in your pantry or fridge, such as white vinegar and baking soda. Although it may require a bit more effort than grabbing something from the store aisle, taking the time to make your own cleaning products is worth it in terms of both environmental and financial benefits.

As consumer demand for green products continues to rise, plenty of resources are available to help create custom recipes tailored to one's specific needs.

Top 7 Cleaning Hacks

Creating a clean and organized home can be expensive when it comes to purchasing the necessary supplies. Fortunately, some DIY cleaning hacks can help save money while still allowing for a sparkling house.

With these simple hacks, you can keep your home looking great without spending too much!

Buy Vinegar

Vinegar is a great all-purpose cleaning agent, and it can be used to tackle a variety of tasks around the home. It's not only great for washing dishes, but also for deep cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as shower and tub grout, kitchen cabinets, and more.

You can mix vinegar with baking soda to make an even more powerful scrubbing solution. Vinegar is naturally acidic and has antibacterial properties that help to kill germs, making it a safe and effective cleaner for any project.

Plus, it's affordable and easy to find in any grocery store!

Buy Dryer Balls – Get Rid of Your Dryer Sheets

Dryer balls are an effective and natural way to keep your clothes soft and fluffy after the spin cycle, and should be used instead of dryer sheets. They can be bought pre-made from a variety of materials, including heat-resistant spikes that gently fluff your fabrics or you could create your own felted dryer balls with wool yarn.

These are incredibly sustainable, reusable, and economical, as they will last for years without needing a replacement. They also reduce static cling, saving you from the need to use dryer sheets, making them a perfect eco-friendly choice for your laundry!

Tru Earth Dryer Balls

At Tru Earth we offer wool dryer balls, our natural and eco-friendly alternative to single-use fabric softeners such as dryer sheets and liquid softeners in plastic jugs. They are the ideal solution for reducing drying time without the use of any chemicals or synthetics.

On average, 3-4 balls can be used for small to medium loads, while 5-6 should be used for larger loads. Not only does this reduce energy consumption, but it also shortens the amount of time needed for clothes to dry. And better yet, one set of wool dryer balls can last up to 1000 loads—making it an economically sustainable option that is better for the environment.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths are an incredibly versatile and eco-friendly cleaning tool. Not only can they be used to clean windows, mirrors, glassware, car windows, and dashes, but they are also incredibly gentle on surfaces and provide a streak-free shine that is second to none.

These cloths are reusable, so you don't have to buy costly window cleaner whenever you want your windows to sparkle. With its unbeatable combination of convenience and effectiveness, it's no wonder why microfiber cloths are becoming a must-have item for any eco-conscious household.

Create Your Own Household Cleaners

As mentioned in the section above, vinegar and baking soda are a powerful combination when it comes to cleaning. A simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda can be used as a natural all-purpose cleaner for countertops, bathrooms, floors, and other surfaces.

Not only is this mix budget-friendly, but it is also an effective way to cut through dirt and grime without using harsh chemicals. You can also find DIY formulas online that include simple household components like dish soap and essential oils to create an even more versatile cleaner.

This combination of natural ingredients can effectively tackle tough stains and odors without harming the environment or your wallet! However, there is another great cleaning solution that is not detrimental to the environment and won't break the bank.

Tru Earth’s multi-surface cleaner is the perfect solution for reducing environmental impact while keeping your surfaces clean and germ-free. It contains a powerful blend of natural cleaning agents and eliminates 99% of all germs, bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses.

The remarkable aspect of this cleaner is that each strip comes in a biodegradable cardboard sleeve instead of a plastic bottle.

Tru Earth Multi-Surface Cleaner

This means that not only will you get an effective clean without the use of harsh chemicals and plastic waste, but you’ll also be making an important contribution to reducing single-use plastics in our environment. To use, simply add one strip to 250ml of hot water and shake until dissolved for a fresh, lasting clean!

Get Some Lemons

Lemons are a natural powerhouse when it comes to tackling hard-to-remove stains. Not only can lemon juice be used on white clothing, but it can also be an effective way to remove unpleasant odors from microwaves and other kitchen appliances.

Adding lemon juice to vinegar mixtures for homemade cleaning solutions gives the concoction an extra punch of citrusy freshness instead of the strong smell that often accompanies the use of vinegar alone. Additionally, lemons can offer extra antibacterial benefits as well as help with bleaching and deodorizing materials.

It's no wonder why lemons have become such a popular ingredient in home cleaning solutions!

Store Bottles Upside Down

By turning the bottle of liquid cleaner upside down, you can make sure that all the remaining contents are accessible when it’s time to use them. The gravity-driven force of the liquid towards the opening will ensure that every drop is put to good use.

This can be especially helpful if you’re trying to avoid wasting expensive cleaning solutions. Additionally, storing your bottles in this position can help extend the shelf life of your cleaners since they won’t be exposed to air which can cause them to evaporate or break down over time.

Take the Subscription Option for All Items

Subscribing to online retailers like Amazon and others can help you save money on items such as cleaning products, dish detergent, and hand soap. By signing up for a subscription, you can receive these items delivered to your home at regular intervals while enjoying discounted prices.

Some services may offer additional benefits, such as free shipping and exclusive pricing on select items. This means that customers who sign up for subscriptions save money and gain access to deals not generally available elsewhere.

Take the Subscription Option for All Items

Luckily, Tru Earth has a subscription option that can be applied to our eco-friendly laundry detergents and multi-surface cleaners. Opting for our subscription option will also allow you to receive free shipping and our money-back guarantee.

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