Tru Earth Reaches Major Milestones in Battle to Eradicate Plastic & Help People in Need

Tru Earth Reaches Major Milestones in Battle to Eradicate Plastic & Help People in Need

In just over two years this environmental start-up has already eliminated 5 million plastic jugs from landfills and oceans and donated 10 million laundry loads to those most in need!

VANCOUVER, BC (September 8th, 2021) The most recent donation of 149,760 loads to Giving the Basics, a Kansas based charity has pushed Tru Earth®, over the top to reach the incredible milestone of 10 million laundry loads donated to families in need across the globe – a $5,300,000 retail value ($5.3 Million)!

In the same month, purchases made by the #TruEarthMovement™ helped Tru Earth reach another huge milestone by eliminating 5 million plastic jugs from landfills and oceans!

Says Tru Earth CEO and Co-founder, Brad Liski: “We would not have been able to reach either of these milestones without the help of our customers, the #TruChangeMakers. We’re proud of what we have accomplished as we work to make true lasting change that helps save the planet and the people who inhabit it. But that fight is not over! We are just beginning our battle to eradicate plastic and we need everyone’s help.”

The donation program began when the pressures of COVID-19 made household supplies hard to find. Aid organizations everywhere were struggling to ensure everyone had clean clothes. Tru Earth heard the call for help and jumped into action. So far, more than 300 organizations including Canadian health care workers, maternity programs in Ghana, and local food banks across Canada and the United States have benefitted from the Tru Earth initiative. While that’s an impressive number, the team at Tru Earth team sees it only as a beginning and their plan is to double their efforts by the end of 2022.

One of Tru Earth’s many partners is Giving the Basics Wichita, an organization that works with 127 schools, 34 organizations, and two police departments to distribute free hygiene items to shelters, pantries, schools, prisons, veteran’s homes, transitional housing, and police departments in the greater Wichita area. The service is vital, because basic hygiene items aren’t covered by government assistance programs. Giving people in need access to products that allow them to feel clean, confident, and healthy is part of an overall strategy to help students to stay in school and encourage adults to find and keep jobs. Giving the Basics Wichita has distributed more than 1.8 million products over the last three years and, through a partnership with Giving the Basics Kansas City, is giving access to hygiene items to over 400,000 people each month.

Erin Kalkbrenner, Executive Director at Giving the Basics, says: “Partnering with Tru Earth has allowed us not only to distribute over five times the normal number of loads of laundry detergent, but has also allowed us to introduce those who are using our laundry strips to a more sustainable, eco-friendly option for keeping their clothes clean. At Giving the Basics, we see this as a way to teach sustainable practices, help decrease space and waste, and provide those in need with a basic necessity of life. The organizations that we serve are able to house more individuals, reach out to more people in need, and offer additional programs to help alleviate poverty in our communities with the funding they are saving by having access to hygiene items. The organizations and schools have been incredibly excited to use these laundry strips and are so thankful for Tru Earth's generosity!"

With every subscription purchased, Tru Earth is able to donate more product and eliminate more plastic jugs from landfills and oceans, thereby reducing both air and ocean pollution. Over the course of this year alone, 8 million tonnes of plastic will make its way into the world’s oceans – a staggering addition to the more than 300 million tonnes currently there. Everyone can help to make small changes and eliminate plastic products from their lives simply by choose Tru Earth. As they often say at Tru Earth, it will take many small hinges to swing this very, very big door.

If you know of organizations, charities, or non-profits that would benefit from a Tru Earth donation, please email your suggestions to


About Tru Earth:

Tru Earth® based in Vancouver, Canada is a leading eco-friendly household product company committed to eliminating plastic from landfills and oceans. At its core, you’ll discover that Tru Earth, is actually a movement (#TruEarthMovement™). The Tru Earth team joins more than a half a million equally committed people in 65 countries to combat the 645 billion plastic household product containers dumped in landfillsand oceans globally each year.

Our customers are #TruChangeMakers™, disrupting the multi-billion-dollar household product industry, reducing carbon emissions by up to 94% and furthering our critical cause to make true lasting change that helps save the planet.

Tru Earth’s suite of products and planned launches come with our pledge to provide #TruChangeMakers with laundry, bathroom and kitchen products they need to make a substantial impact on the health of our world. To do our part, we promise to donate 32 laundry loads to families in need across the globe when first-time subscriptions are purchased. At Tru Earth, we know many small hinges can swing very, very big doors.

For more information on joining the movement and our current battle to eradicate plastic, please visit, connect with us on


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