Tru Earth Expands Product-Line to Include New, More Powerful Detergent!

Tru Earth Expands Product-Line to Include New, More Powerful Detergent!


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Tru Earth Expands Product-Line to Include New,

More Powerful Detergent!

Tru Earth Premium is designed to clean particularly dirty laundry

and remove deeper stains.

PORT MOODY, BRITISH COLUMBIA (November 12th, 2020) – Environmental laundry product leader, Tru Earth, announced the release of Tru Earth Platinum today. An advanced, heavy-duty formula created to clean the dirtiest loads and remove the most stubborn stains, effectively and efficiently.

Tru Earth created Platinum after loyal customers, deemed “Tru ChangeMakers,” by the company asked for a stronger formula that remains true to a commitment to protecting the environment with no waste, dissolvable strips delivered in compostable cardboard packaging.

Tru Earth CEO and co-founder Brad Liski says “Tru Earth Platinum represents a natural evolution. Our Tru ChangeMakers will no longer have to add caustic or environmentally damaging products to clean the most stubborn stains,” says Liski. “We are thrilled to offer them an enhanced product with the same commitment to protecting the environment as our original strips.”

Platinum eco-strips are designed to clean greasy clothes, sweaty gym attire, and children’s muddy play outfits with ease. Tru Earth Platinum contains an intensified formula but looks and feels like the original eco-strips. Tru Earth Platinum was not created to replace Tru Earth’s standard eco-strips which remain the best option for day to day cleaning.

“It is only with the loyal support of our Tru ChangeMakers that Tru Earth has been able to enhance our product-line and cover all the bases of cleaning in the messy world of 2020,” says Ryan Mckenzie, Co-founder of Tru Earth. “Whether it is an intense workout or your child enjoying ketchup just a little too much, Tru Earth’s new, premium eco-strips have got you covered.”

About Tru Earth:

Tru Earth, based in Port Moody, B.C., Canada is an eco-friendly household product company created to eliminate plastic from landfills and oceans. At its core, Tru Earth is a movement to irradicate plastic from household products. In the

North American laundry detergent sector alone, 700 million plastics jugs end up in landfills and oceans each year! And that is just laundry! Tru Earth has founded the #truearthmovement that is led by our Tru ChangeMakers! They continue to spread the word about the changes they've made to lower their own carbon footprint. Our community leads by example. They are demonstrating that small changes or hinges, as Tru Earth calls them, can open big doors. Proving that one person can influence thousands of people in making simple, sustainable changes.

For more information on joining the movement or to purchase our products, please visit, connect with us on


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