Tru Earth Surpasses 5-Million Loads with Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Food Bank Donation!

Tru Earth Surpasses 5-Million Loads with Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Food Bank Donation!

#TruChangeMakers and Tru Earth collaborate to donate

$2,650,000 (2.6 Million) to communities in need.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (February 17, 2021) – Tru Earth’s most recent donation of 149,760 loads of laundry detergent to Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Food Bank resulted in Tru Earth reaching a new milestone of 5-million loads donated. As more #TruChangeMakers subscribe to Tru Earth products, the company has more product to give away.

“Laundry soap is something everyone needs and we look forward to making sure this amazing donation from Tru Earth gets to as many people as possible,” says Abby Sauchuk, the Director of Development at Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Food Bank.

The organization functions as a depot network within Nanaimo & Port Hardy, British Columbia. Last year, they were able to help fifteen thousand people. Aside from their direct distribution, the organization works as a silent hero to many. They also provide food to over 100 non-profits, food banks, schools, and Indigenous communities. Through Tru Earth’s donation, Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Food Bank will be able to supply not only food, but clean laundry to those in need on Vancouver Island.

Tru Earth’s donation highlights how important collaboration is in creating Tru Change! When united, the benefits of teamwork are tremendous. “It is only through the love and support of our #TruChangeMakers that Tru Earth has been able to give back to the community” says Ryan Mckenzie, Co-founder of Tru Earth. “These donations could not be possible without our dedicated subscribers. As our subscriber list continues to grow, we will continue to donate to those in need – working to reach our latest goal of 14-million loads donated by the end of 2021.”

If you know of any organizations, charities, or non-profits that you think will benefit from a Tru Earth donation, please email with your suggestions.

About Tru Earth:

Tru Earth based in Vancouver, Canada is a leading eco-friendly household product company committed to eliminating plastic from landfills and oceans. At its core, you’ll discover that Tru Earth, is actually a movement (#TruEarthMovement). The Tru Earth team joins more than a quarter million equally committed people in more than 50 countries to combat the 645 billion plastic household product containers dumped in landfills and oceans globally each year.

Our customers are #TruChangeMakers, disrupting the multi-billion-dollar household product industry, reducing carbon emissions by up to 94% and caring for the health of the planet and their families.

Tru Earth’s suite of products and planned launches come with our pledge to provide #TruChangeMakers with laundry, bathroom and kitchen products they need to make a substantial impact on the health of our world. To do our part, we promise to match all first-time subscriptions by donating to families in need across the globe. Because at Tru Earth, we know many small hinges can swing very, very big doors.

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