Bigfoot Wants You to Use New Tru Earth® Disinfectant Strips and “Join the Movement, You Animals”

Bigfoot Wants You to Use New Tru Earth® Disinfectant Strips and “Join the Movement, You Animals”



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Bigfoot Wants You to Use New Tru Earth® Disinfectant Strips and “Join the Movement, You Animals”

New Spokesperson showcases a disinfecting multi-surface cleaner that kills 99% of viruses as well as fungi and mold.

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (January 25th, 2021) – Environmental laundry product leader, Tru Earth®, today released a first of its kind, Health Canada approved disinfecting multi-surface cleaning strip. The launch was announced by environmental advocate and new Tru Earth® spokesperson, Bigfoot (Click here to view the video). In the video, Bigfoot makes an impassioned plea for humans to protect nature and stop littering the planet with millions upon millions of plastic disinfectant bottles.

75% of all items put into recycling bins end up in the landfill, and in the video, Bigfoot offers up Tru Earth® disinfecting multi-surface cleaner strips as the solution. It's an ingenious new product from the people who brought you those cool, Tru Earth® zero waste Laundry strips. Each innocent looking disinfectant strip is really a killer. It kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold, and as Bigfoot points out, “not that that's on anyone's mind right now.” Best of all, each strip completely dissolves in hot water - not a wasteful single use bottle in sight.

“Simply take one strip and drop it in a spray bottle, fill with hot water, and shake it until it disappears. You then have a powerful disinfecting multi-surface cleaner that is kind to the planet,” said Ryan McKenzie, co-founder of Tru Earth®. “It’s a win-win…win! First, with Health Canada’s stamp of approval, you can join the movement to protect the environment with a vegan friendly product. Second, since the strips come in thin, compostable carboard packs, you’ll save cupboard space and third, you’ll be keeping Bigfoot happy… and we all need to keep Bigfoot happy.”

About Tru Earth®:

Tru Earth®, based in Port Moody, B.C., Canada is an eco-friendly household product company created to eliminate plastic from landfills and oceans. At its core, Tru Earth® is a movement to eradicate plastic from household products. In

North American alone, there are more than 140 million households that use on average 30 single use bottles every year, just from household cleaners. Tru Earth® has founded the #TruEarthMovement™ that is led by our Tru ChangeMakers™! They continue to spread the word about the changes they've made to lower their own carbon footprint. Our community leads by example. They are demonstrating that small changes or hinges, as Tru Earth® calls them, can open big doors. Proving that one person can influence thousands of people in making simple, sustainable changes.

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